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    Loading RSL's from a module




      We're having a problem with RSL's with Flex 4.

      It seems that we can't load a RSL library from a module. It causes error like 1014 (Verify Error).

      I've posted a bug but it has not been answered yet :



      Can someone please help ?



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          Flex harUI Adobe Employee

          RSLs must match the version of the module, and modules must match the

          version of the loading application.

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            I'll try to explain our problem with an example.



            With Flash Builder 4 we create 3 projects:


            - a Flex Project A with an application AppA


            - a Flex Project B with:


              - an application AppB (not used but mandatory in FB4)


              - a module ModuleB


            - a Flex Library Project C with a class named ClassC





            - AppA loads ModuleB with ModuleLoader component


            - ModuleB uses ClassC (in Flex Build Path project C is declared


            as RSL).



            At execution time, if we trace http requests (with Firebug):


            - AppA is loaded


            - framework RSLs are loaded


            - ModuleB is loaded


            And the problem: not request to load our RSL (built from C project)



            Same scenario works fine with Flex Builder 3.



            Note: we plan to delivery a new version of our software in October


            to improve design with new flex 4 skin capabilities and this problem


            is blocking.





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              Flex harUI Adobe Employee

              You might want to use ANT to build the pieces of the app.  FlashBuilder

              might be turning off RSLs by default in module projects.  Check to make


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                rcff Level 1

                When we use command line with a config.xml file to compile module, it's work fine (ie ModuleB loads LibC as RSL).

                This solves problems to create production binaries (we plan to use Maven).


                But in Flash Builder 4: RSLs in "Flex Build Path" are still ignored during modules building process.

                We try to add  -load-config+=config.xml in "Additional compiler arguments" without result.

                Workaround: add a ModuleXXX-config.xml for each module (more than 100).


                I don't understand why FB4 no more uses RSL params to build modules. It is new feature or a bug ?



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                  Flex harUI Adobe Employee

                  Ask on the FlashBuilder forum.  I'm not sure they patrol this forum as much


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                    Darrell Loverin Level 4

                    The swcs that an application linked as RSLs will be put on the external library path when the modules are compiled. This was done to keep the modules from loading the same RSLs as the main application. It you want a module to load a different RSL than the main application, you need to configuration it as you mentioned.