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    Link Actionscript

      For example, right now my links (in Flash 5) have the following actionscript (an example):

      getURL(" http://www.google.com", "_blank");

      I know the "_blank" part opens a separate window. I know that replacing this with "_self" takes you from the current page to a new one (w/o opening a new window). The problem with this is when I press the back button on the browser, I'm taken back to my home page, and not the page with the links. Is there something I'm missing?

      Thanks to anyone with help, tips, or even a website that gives actionscript "recipes," as I've heard them referred to.
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          SymTsb Level 2
          You'd need to incorporate some form of FlashVars (I believe that was introduced in Flash 5) that you can tag to the end of your site's url that you can make flash read in and then send a person to the appropriate frame based on that.

          You may find that you need access to AS2 and Flash 8 to do anything like this as well. I know that 2Advanced Studios ( http://www.2advanced.com) uses their own methods for such a navigation system that allows them to have Flash talking with the browser and enables the back and forward buttons for navigating the flash movie. Is this like what you are talking about?
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            jlyndseyking Level 1
            I'm very new to Flash, and I'm just trying to get this thing up as soon as possible. It has to be in Flash 5 because it's an older website where multiple people have been updating it through the years. There are files and such that only work with Flash 5 on the site.
            I just didn't know if there was another way to type the action script to make the back button take viewers back to the links page they were previously on, as opposed to the home page. I'm sorry - I wish I knew more about Flash to word this better...are there ways of doing this that are relatively quick and simple, or is this beyond the capabilities of a new Flash user?

            Thank you so much.
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              Damon Edwards Level 3
              check out SWFAddress. I use it, it works great.. but it does sort of shape the way your timeline layout is..
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                jlyndseyking Level 1
                I appreciate that - it's not working with my site though, and as embarrassed as I am to say this, it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
                It seems like this is something pretty complicated for Flash 5. Is this the case? We're thinking about eventually stripping the site and starting fresh with Flash 8 or something new. Is this another reason why that would be a good idea asap?

                I've said it before - please accept my apology for not knowing much about Flash. This is the only place to get answers I need.
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                  SymTsb Level 2
                  There is a great deal more possible with Flash 8 than was possible with Flash 5 for sure. If you're going to upgrade, I strongly just suggest making the jump to CS3. If you need to code in AS2, that is still an option with CS3 but you can also make the jump to AS3 which is much more OOP (object oriented programming) friendly.