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    Flash just added 400% size to my swf???

    celebritymusic Level 1



      I've been working on a project that's about 500k for the .fla, and 36k for the .swf


      On my latest export and save, the .fla is coming up 25k, and the the .swf is 120k  - 120k is wayyyy too big for what I'm doing.  The fla seems to be all intact even though it's only 5% of what it used to be.


      I haven't changed any of the publishing settings.


      I tried loading an older version of the project (from a month ago).  When I export that version, the swf also comes out at about 120k instead of 36.


      I'm using CS5, and have only had it a few days (was using CS4) - is there some new function that could affect the file sizes so drastically?  It's strange, as it was exporting fine until about an hour ago.


      Any ideas what's going on here?


      Thanks guys