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    Feature request: user defined IPTC / XMP priority

    L. Hagen Level 1



      metadata can be stored in several different ways: embedded IPTC, embedded IPTC4XMP or in XMP sidecar files (anywhere else?). Programms like Photo Mechanic gives the user the possibility to define a priority in which these different "methods" are read. But - as far as I know - not Lightroom!


      Now it comes to problems when importing some photos, like in the following scenario:

      - take a (RAW) picture and set keywords with Nikon Capture or Photo Mecahnic (especially Capture saves the metadata as embedded IPTC - in any case)

      - import the picture in LR

      - change keywords in Lightroom and save the metadata

      - open a new catalog and import the picture from above

      - now it seems so, that all changes made by LR (which are stroed in the sidecar file) will be ignorred and the IPTC keywords will be used


      This is really annoying, because I have some 10.000 files from a time where XMP was still "unknown" and when I have stored all data via embedded IPTC.


      Please Adobe, give us a possibility to select, where LR the data should read from.



      Thanks and regards,