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    Limelight authentication live stream




      how can i play a live stream with authentication from limelight. Does an limelight plugin exists which does the logic?




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          Bob Wohl Level 1

          Hi Jonas,


          Yes there is a plugin to handle live streams. You should be able to ask for

          it via your point of contact @ Lime Light.


          Authentication however should be handled on the encoding end and not within





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            Today we asked our Limelight contact if there was an OSMF player plug-in and below is the response (that I was hoping would not be the case):

            >From: "Copeland, Adam" <acopeland@llnw.com>
            > Date: September 27, 2010 4:24:43 PM CDT
            > Subject: Re: Limelight and Kulabyte integration
            > OSMF is on the player side.  We don't have a OSMF compatible player available just yet due to changes prompted by Adobe.
            > -Adam


            We are able to play our Limelight streams with JW 4, but not OSMF.  With JW 4 there is an flashvar called fcsubscribe that needs to be set.  I was hoping it would be similarly simple with OSMF and Limelight, but apparently not.


            If anyone knows of something to the contrary of what Adam from LLNW said above, we would be very interested in knowing this.