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    Flash IDE Components in Flex Design Mode. Can they be visible there?




      Im exploring Flex to get a grasp on its concepts and am currently looking into building components in the Flash IDE. Though i guess its likely that when you're more familiar with Flex you build your components in Flex, like said Im exploring its concepts and like to know where and how the Flash IDE fits in its workflow.


      I made a simple Flex Component in the Flex IDE, which shows up fine when I run the Flex project. But it does not show in Flex Design Mode.


      I have exported the component from Flash as an SWC and added the SWC to the Flex library path. The symbol in the Flash IDE extends UIMovieClip. Now I read in 'Using Adobe FlexBuilder 3' (p.67) that the Flex Components panel only lists visible components, according to the documentation 'components that extend UIComponent'.


      Note that my question is about being visible on the stage in Design Mode, not in the component panel. As UIMovieClip doesnt inherit from UIComponent (and the UIComponent class doesnt seem to be available in the Flash IDE), is this also the cause that the Flash IDE component is not visible on the Flex stage in Design Mode?


      Can someone confirm, or deny this?