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    How to Replace .net assembly

      I've written a test Coldfusion 8 .net dll in C# and called it from cf and it works fine. However, when I make a change to the C# dll and try to replace it I can't. It says the dll is in use. So I renamed the original dll and copied the new dll to the same directory. Did not work original dll is still loaded so new dll is not used. I tried restarting the coldfusion services and the cf .net service and still same dll is called.

      Does anyone know how to replace a .net dll that is called by coldfusion 8 ???
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          What it sounds like is the original .dll has been cached either by the .NET global assembly cache, the .NET CRL, or by the .NET to Coldfusion proxy. I would check out your $CF_HOME\ColdFusion8\wwwroot\WEB-INF\cfclasses\dotNetProxy\ directory and make sure you're newer .dll is in there... that and delete any .jar files that are in there as they might be cached proxies...?

          That's the directory that CF looks to find a .dll/assembly that's not in the global assembly cache or in the .net core libraries. That or you can force the cfobject to use the full path of the .dll in the assembly tag, i.e. assembly="c:\assemblies\test.dll"