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    Premiere Pro CS5 - Media Encoder Crash when Exporting to MPEG-2

    mylifevisual Level 1



      Core i7 920 @ 3.8 Ghz

      Gigabyte X58A-UD3R

      12GB DDR3 1600

      External Sound Card - M-Audio ProFire 610

      OS Drive - 2x300GB WD Raptors - Raid 0

      Project Drives - 3x300 WD Raptor - Raid 0

      Video Card - Geforce GTX 285 1GB


      Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 and Media Encoder CS5 continually crashes or hangs every time I try to export to MPEG-2.  I can successfully render to every other codec without any issue, but need the MPEG-2 for an Adobe Encore Project.


      The project is approximately 38 minutes long and contains AVI and MP4 files, all of which were ripped from DVDs as I'm producing a reel for a producer who provided his DVDs for me to rip and use as content.


      Possible issues:


      1.   Currently have Magic DVD Ripper and DVD Fab installed (codec conflicts?)

      2.   Originally ripped the DVDs at 630x360 (my mistake - hadn't really worked with a DVD ripper before and was the largest avi pre-set) and I'm exporting to MPEG-2 standard 720x480 Widescreen)  (I know I should've just ripped them as the original lossless MPEG-2 files - I'm a tool)

      2.   Blank space in the timline (there are a number of these)


      I would like to get some input before I try to export to MPEG-2 again as I blew a capacitor on my old mother board (Gigabyte x58-ud3r) after I had gotten my computer to start rendering a MPEG-2 after about 50 tries to export/launch media encoder set on MPEG-2.  I just installed my new motherboard to replace it.  Clearly MPEG-2 taxes the system more so than any other codec (from what I can tell).  However, I thought the issue with the blank space/no media in the timeline was fixed with CS5.  I saw in a previous post that someone thought that ffdshow was conflicting with AME.  I don't have ffdshow, but I believe that's a ripper program like Magic and DVDFab.