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    Help- collections on Sony Ereader




      I've got a Sony PS300 and I can't figure out how to amend/create collections since I installed Adobe Digital Editions.  I've looked through the manual, but that doesn't help.  Anybody got a clue?



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          Jim Lester Level 4

          ADE does not support collections for the Sony Readers.  You will need to use Sony Ebook Library software to manage collections, instead.

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            Chris_Tribble Level 1

            What a pity - do you know if Adobe is considering including the organisation of collections in a later edition?  I've just started working with a Sony PRS-600 and find the Sony Library software hugely frustrating to work with.  Collections are critical to the usability of the e-reader the moment you have more than a few titles stored in memory. It would be great if Adobe were able to include this functionality + the capacity to transfer collections to different devices. We'd then start to have a practical basis for organising and using the assets we hold on an e-reader.


            Thanks for any comments.

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              Jim Lester Level 4

              There are no plans to support collection on the Sony Readers within ADE.

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                Chris_Tribble Level 1

                Jim - thanks for the clarification.  Looks like I'll have to live with the limitations of Reader Library... I'm aware of a command line program which seems to do the job, but somehow life feels to short to get round to sorting out how to use it....





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                  Jesus Moreno Casillas

                  Hi, i am struggling to get to work a Sony eReader 650 too...

                  At the store I was prompted with a message to download Digital Editions so that I could manage the eBook... which helped on the Pc

                  Cannot transfer the ebook to the eReader though!

                  At Sony they told me to use the Sony Library for transferring it, however they also told me to register the eBook and the eReader with Adobe, and can't figure out how to register them! any idea where and how?

                  Any help/support is more than appreciated, since Adobe does not support this free product over the phone! only online

                  And the site des not provide support for this type of product issues...what a waist!

                  thanks in advance


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                    I have a sony PRS-350. I bought a book from WH Smith, and their helpline instructed me how to download it (I'm not totally useless, but I had to reconfigure Firefox to allow popups before downloading could happen). Great, except said book is now held in my Adobe library, so I can only read it, but apparently not download it to the e reader. I agree the sony instructions are no use - they show screens which do not appear, and instruct to drag and drop, which Adobe does not allow. If anyone has fathomed how to download to my reader please spread some joy by letting us all in on the secret. Mike

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                      CrevuM Level 1

                      I'm not an expert in these things but have you seen this thread: http://forums.adobe.com/message/2411195#2411195


                      Hope I'm not stating the obvious, but I have noticed a number of posts about problems with SOny readers (although I don't have one). Have you used the search function on the forum. That might narrow down a helpful post for you.


                      Kind regards

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                        tayelor Level 1

                        Hi Jack


                        I am really grateful for all the help you have given, and shall file all this away for future reference.


                        However, I have had a really good result from Books on Board. They have re-issued the books I cannot open, after listening to my tale of woe. If Kobo are less cooperative, I shall try your way.


                        Many Thanks and happy reading