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    Image Control Problems


      So I imported clips, and then began the editing process where for each of my clips, I wanted to improve its overall look. So I went into image control and messed around with saturation, contrast, and brightness. Now, aftet I render my clips, I noticed that they all seem to lag in the playback. Is this becasue I changed the image. I just want to fix the problem now rather than if the clips lag after I export it. So, becasue these are HD qualities and I changed the image, is it just lagging because it is hard to process them. Basically, will the lag show up when i export them later on?


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          Rendering should improve smoothness of playback, not degrade it. It applies the Effects to an AVI file, just for smooth playback.


          Can you tell us about both your Project Preset and also your source material?


          After the Render of the Effects, does the red line above the Clips turn green?


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