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    Tools for planning / modeling / designing a RIA


      I'm about to embark on a large (to me) web project. I have little formal training but have been able to do well enough with my projects so far.


      I know that planning for a large project is very important. I have been reading stuff all over the net about what needs to be in a plan and the things that need to be considered.


      What I am not finding is a tool or set of tools to use during planning. Sure I could write everything in a word processor but that doesn't seem to be productive. I'm looking for something that I can use to define all the elements of my application (objects / classes / data / relationships / views / logic). I would like it be intelligent enough to know that I am designing a web application. So for example if a create a data table object it knows it will have columns with data types or if I am creating a class it may have properties and methods and events etc.


      Do such tools exist?


      What tools do you use when planning/documenting an application?


      I came here to the Flex forum because I am thinking I may be using Flex and PHP and Flash.