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    CS5 Premiere project size grows exponentially, crashes


      Working with a high-end Dell, 3 years old with 4 gigs of memory. Installed Windows 7 and CS5 Master Collection a few weeks ago. Now I'm having numerous crashes in Premiere. My project is a one-hour documentary, admittedly with lots of footage. However the size of the project file has grown exponentially. Yester day afternoon it was 275 megs, last night it was 330 megs and today by noon it was over a GIG! This last happened after I went to a version in the auto-save vault.


      The only forum answer that made any sense at all said that I should delete all the preview (render) files. I have deleted them before, but I haven't done THAT much rendering since yesterday. Why should the project file grow so huge that my system can't even open it? Now I'm wishing I had bought a Mac with Avid or FCP, but this project is my livlihood and I have to finish it. HELP!!!


      Thanks in advance.