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    problem with ActionScript

    ashmic19 Level 1


      I made a photo into a button by converting it to a symbol. Then I created a zoomOut effect with text and then created an Action to play the zoomOut effect when the mouse rolls over the photo. Here's my code for the ActionScript:


      on (rollOver) {

      When I play the movie the text zooms out like it should but when I click "test movie" the text flickers immediately after it opens and continues to do so until I close the window. I don't want the movie to play until I roll over the image. Does anyone have any ideas on why the movie (ie: the text zoomOut effect) is not (1) not workingin test movie like it is in the play mode within Flash and (2): why the movie is starting without my prompting it to start with the rollover action?


      Any help, tips, discussion would be great. I am so close to getting this and just need some guidance. Thanks!