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    Create Variable Types dynamically

      I wonder if it is possible in Flash to create variables dynamically.

      I am using an xml file that feeds the Flash application. In this file I would like to declare the variables (actually class instances) and their type.

      I have some AS classes, let's say Box.as (class Box).
      So if in my xml file I had something like <var name="mybox" type="Box" />
      in Flash I would like to create a variable named mybox which would be a type of Box.

      I need this because I don't know beforehand the variables that are needed. These will be declared in this xml file.

      The typical declaration is be
      var myname:Box = new Box();

      Can I do the same dynamically?

      function createVar(name, type)
      var name:type = new type(); // compile-error

      createVar("myname", Box);

      Any help would be great.