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    Fireworks CS5: Silent crash without warning


      I'm running Win XP SP3 on a pretty decent system. Every so often, FW CS5 will crash without warning. There seems to be no pattern to the crashes. I can be using the Select tool, applying a filter, or choosing a tool from the palette. The system pauses for a second, and then Fireworks disappears. No error message. Nothing.


      I save pretty often, but since FW doesn't do auto-backups, I often lose a few minutes of work if I haven't saved recently. Since upgrading to CS5 I've probably lost 5-10 hours of work total. 10 minutes here and there adds up. I know. Whaaa. My fault for not saving every time I perform an action. Or is it? Saving a large file every 30 seconds can be time-consuming, and disrupts my workflow. Illustrator doesn't do this, and InDesign doesn't do it. (In fact, I can't remember Illustrator crashing for several versions now.)


      Is there a patch yet for FW CS5? I can't find one. Is there a log somewhere where crashes are recorded? Nothing shows up in the XP Event Viewer.


      I actually still have Fireworks MX 2004 installed on my machine, and I use that about half the time. Maybe I should just uninstall CS5 and use the old Macromedia version all the time. CS5 adds some nice features but it's causing me to lose work, and therefore time, and therefore money.

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          autonomously Level 1

          Seriously, I can't be the only one who is experiencing this problem.


          I found a CS5 service log but it's not that helpful. The time does match the most recent crash, though.


          2010-08-06 10:59:53 : ERROR vcfoundation::io::VCEndOfFile: <End Of File>
          2010-08-06 11:00:04 : ERROR vcfoundation::system::VCSysError: WriteFile() failed <232: The pipe is being closed.>

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            I have the same problem but it happens with Illustrator. Same symptoms and same error message.

            I try to look everywhere and you are so far what I found.

            I guess this is not common!

            I am still doing my own research and I will update whatever I found  out. If you have found something, please  update.

            Thank you

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              It is probably common, but the crash happens without any kind of information that would lead to a solution, so nobody bothers to post about it (except me, I guess). I don't have any new information to provide. I went back to using Macromedia Fireworks 2004 for most work. Fewer features but much more stable. Software shouldn't get in the way but it often does. I wish the gov would have blocked the Macromedia/Adobe merger, we'd probably have much better software to use.