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    WebHelp Skin Editor

      I've added a button to the Main Toolbar using the WebHelp Skin Editor.
      It displays rollovers, but it doesn't take focus.
      The contents button still has focus.

      How do i get the new button to take focus?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Hi deb and welcome to our community

          There is no way I'm aware of to force an additional button to "take focus". I think the issue stems from the fact that buttons we add don't really change the Navigation pane as the others that keep focus (or that moused over state) do. I think that's why they remain in the moused over state. To indicate which panel is visible. Usually when you insert an additional button, the navigation doesn't change and the button simply displays a different page.

          Unfortunately I've never seen anyone post code that allows the behavior to change. I'm not claiming it's impossible, just that I've never seen it happen. There are still a lot of clever souls out there! Maybe one will drop in here and enlighten us!

          Hopefully this helps... Rick
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            HKabaker Level 2

            Please explain what you mean by "take focus."

            Do you want it to change appearance when you click it, or when you hover the cursor -- or both?

            Does the button change the navigation pane? If the TOC remains visible after you click the new button, probably the TOC button should not change. Even so, you may be able to vary the added button.

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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi Harvey

              I know I'm not Deb (I'm sure she is MUCH better looking than I am!) but I think I know what Deb is asking.

              When WebHelp opens up and displays the TOC, the TOC button looks different than the others. It is in that "moused over" state. As you mouse over the Index or the Glossary or the Search, those buttons change appearance to indicate the mouse is over them. And if you click, the navigation pane changes to reflect the action and the button that was clicked appears to remain in that "moused over" state.

              The thing is (and I do believe this is the second time this week I've seen someone ask about this function) any buttons you add to customize your skin don't behave the same way. Yes, you supply two different images. One that appears in the "normal" or "not moused over" state. And a second that displays as you mouse over the button. But once you click the additional button, it does not remain in that "moused over" state.

              Make more sense? I guess only Deb can attest to whether I understood the desire correctly or not.

              Cheers and happy Thursday all! Rick
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                Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
                First Deb has definitely got to be better looking than you sweetie!

                I think the confusion is caused by the dialog that is displayed in the skin editor. It says Selected Image and Unselected Image but means Normal and Mouse Over.

                It would make you expect what Deb does rather than the reality you describe.

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                  hcmDebbie Level 1
                  You got it! I guess RoboHelps' premise is that any new buttons are not expected to change the contents of the nav pane, so therefore should not get focus.

                  Utimately, I would like to change the contents of the nav pane, but was just looking at it in small steps.

                  So to make a button that works like the Contents, Search, Index... I will need to add new Messaging code to track my new button? Has anyone ever done this?

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                    HKabaker Level 2

                    An almost related issue:

                    Does your added button work OK in Firefox and Netscape?

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                      hcmDebbie Level 1
                      The added button functions as Robo Help expects it to in all browsers. I would like to make it function like the contents, search, and index.
                      Change the contents of the nav pane ( which I can do)
                      Take focus since the nav pane no longer displays the TOC

                      I believe I need to add the messaging code that the Content, Search and Index buttons use.
                      Has anyone done this?