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    Unable to load data into a tabNavigator could someone help

      HI ,
      I want to get requested data into a TabNavigator ,I am getting the
      data But it is getting populated in the first Tab only not on the
      other Tabs.

      Here I have 4 Tabs in my TabNavigator and only the first Tab is
      getting populated , and the other tabs are not getting populated ,
      could anyone give me a solution for this Problem.

      import mx.core.ScrollPolicy;
      import mx.core.Application;
      import userinterfaces.util.Utils;
      import mx.collections.ArrayCollection;
      import mx.controls.Alert;
      import mx.controls.CheckBox;
      import mx.controls.ComboBox;

      public var result:XML;
      public var row:XMLList;

      public function sendRequest(param:String, value:String):void{
      var group:String =
      Alert.show("group==" + group);

      if(group == "admin"){
      group = cboGroup.selectedItem.toString();
      var params:Object = new Object();
      params.uname = iptName.text;
      params.password = iptPwd.text;
      params.groupname = cboGroup.selectedItem;
      params.empid = iptEmpId.text;
      params.first_name = iptFirstName.text;
      params.last_name = iptLastName.text;
      params.ssno = iptSsnNo.text;
      params.email = iptEmail.text;
      params.mail = chkPartyMail.selected;

      private function sendInsertRequest():void{

      public function showRequest():void{
      var params:Object = new Object();
      params.username =

      httpEditPartyMater.url ="displayprofile.do";
      httpEditPartyMater.request = params;

      public function loadData(row:XMLList):void{
      var myRow:String = row.toString();
      Alert.show("Its my life");


      I am loding the data in the aboe given way