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    AS 3.0 FLV HELP???????

      I know the basics of flash, but the the new AS 3.0 is completely new to
      me and I cannot seem to find good documentation on it. What I need to do
      is simple I am sure. Basically I need to be able to take the value of a
      URL string like:


      and use it to get the video to be played back in the FLV 9.0 player that
      comes with Flash CS3. Is there a simple way to load this value
      dynamically into the player. If so, how? Any help is most appreciated. I
      have looked through the post here for help and documentation elsewhere
      but none of it seems to cover what I looking for, or is for the older
      player in 8.0 using AS 2.0.

      Thanks in Advance,