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    Rendering video previews

    mundenbar Level 1

      I rendered my footage for one project and I am using the same footage for another but I need to render the video

      previews again.


      Is there a way to render videos once and for all or do I have to do it for each new project?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          The linking of Render files are specific to one Project at a time.


          Do you need to Render for smooth playback?


          If so, then just Import, edit and hit Enter, while you go get a cup of coffee.


          Good luck,



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            mundenbar Level 1

            That's a lot of coffee.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              Ah, Rendering should not be THAT slow - just make sure it's decaf coffee...


              No, unfortunately the way that Rendered files are linked is via the Project's PREL file. That is why they are for the Project only, and are not in any way linked to the original Assets.


              Also, think about the Clips that you Imported originally. PrE is a non-destructive editor, so the original files are not altered in any way, not even attached metadata. You can also use many Instances of the Clip. Your Timeline may have any number of Instances of that original Clip.You may have those on the Timeline with totally different In & Out Points on each one. It is the Timeline, with all Effects, and editing, that you Render. Those are the files, and from that example, you can see why they are not attached in any way to the original Asset files.


              Hope this makes sense and helps,