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    Can't see text in list component

      I'm adding an XML-driven list component to a page in a Flash template and I can't see text in the list or text box components. The boxes are visible - the text is not. However, the text is there because you can mouse over and select it and you get the appropriate hilight behavior. I also added a "trace" button that outputs the contents of one of the text boxes and it shows that the correct text is there, you just can't see it on the screen.

      I'm using a movie clip object (called trackList) to hold the XML connector and the list boxes. I can cut and paste the trackList object into another FLA file and it works fine - the text is visible. But when I add a trackList instance to one of the pages in the template, I can't see the text. So it seems like there's some global setting in the template that's hiding the text in the list boxes and text boxes. The XML connector is working because I get the correct output in the trace statement when I select the invisible text (because, of course, I know what the hidden text is).

      Any suggestions on where to look or what to do? I'm relatively new to Flash and ActionScript so my guess is that it's something simple...


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          Follow-up - I deleted all of the lists and tried putting a single instance of a textArea component in the page. That won't work, either, even when I enter text via the Parameters panel.

          The only way it does work is if I put it in the "Scene 1" level. If I try to add it to a sub-page, the textArea displays no text regardless of whether I use the XML connector or just type it in via the Parameters panel.

          So, what makes textAreas not show text? Is there some special consideration because it's embedded in a movie clip that's called from the main page? It's just a static text box...

          Thanks again,