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    Black & White Grains Effect

    BobbyDreamer Level 1
      I need help in creating black & white grains effect(u know sometimes, if a channel does'nt work or does'nt get the signal properly. The screen will be filled with black & white dots randomly) as in TV.

      I have no idea. How to do it......
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          NSurveyor Level 2
          The flash.display.BitmapData class is what you need to use. It has a method called noise which does exactly what you ask for. Note that it is very CPU intensive. A better solution might be to take a sequence of them on Fireworks or Photoshop, and then import.

          Here's some sample code to try out (just paste on Frame 1 of a blank document):
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            clbeech Level 3
            NS, that's beautiful. Here I'd been trying to create a series of bmp and cycle through them. C#*P!! I should have just look at the other methods, duh!! LOL!!

            yours is no where near as hard on the CPU as this thing :) (don't go larger than a 200x200 stage, and 20 images or bam!)