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    Another "there was an error opening this document. this file cannot be found"-question


      Hello people, as the title suggests, i have another question regarding the "there was an error opening this document. this file cannot be found" error. I have searched on Google and on these forums but i havent found an answer to my particular case (sorry if i overlooked it).


      I work at a supportdesk for a company that uses Windows XP with Adobe Reader version 8.1.3.

      Users are getting this error when they access a PDF file placed on a (mapped) networkdrive. Contrary to some other cases i have found on this forum, spaces are handled without a problem. But a comma in the name of one of the folders that contain the PDF file are what causes this error.



      Opening the following path results in the error:

      L:\X, Y & Z\adobe.pdf


      Removing the comma so the path becomes:

      L:\X Y & Z\adobe.pdf

      works just fine.


      So far our workaround has always been to simply remove the comma and move on, but I've been wondering why this comma is such a problem for Adobe Reader. As far as i know Adobe Reader is the only program we use that has this issue, M$ Word works just fine with it to name an example.


      To sum my questions up:

      - Why is comma (,) a problem for Adobe Reader?

      - Have i missed any patches/new versions where this issue has been addressed?

      - What is Adobe's stance on this, and are there any plans to "fix" this?