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    Customisable Presentation


      Hi Everyone

      I'd like to create a company presentation using Flash Catalyst and deliver as a standalone application (AIR) to run from a user's computer. Using Flash Catalyst would make creating the interface and interactions/animations really fast and easy.

      I would like the presentation to customisable by the presenter at some point before their presentation. For instance, missing out certain (skipping) sections (pages) or configuring certain other options (maybe available states of components etc)

      Ideally this configuration would be done via a menu/options screen. (Possibly a separate app that writes to a DB or XML if need be)

      I was thinking that this kind of functionality may have to be applied to the Flash Catalyst Project via Flash Builder - which would be ok. My question is, is this kind of programmatic control of a Catalyst project (and components within it) possible?

      Does anyone know if this is achievable? or have any advice/workflow suggestions?

      Thanks for any help or direction you can give.