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    Change artboard order/numbers

    kas8 Level 1

      I'm currently working on a project which involves over 16 artboards in the same document, though when i want to change the order of the artboards [for saving as a PDF] i have to move all my artboards content to new artboard, etc.etc.

      This is really annoying, especially when i want to insert a new artboard between some excisting ones.


      So is it possible to somehow change the order of the artboards, or they numbers [basically the same]?


      Please let me know ASAP!

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          Michael Riordan Adobe Community Professional

          If you are in CS5, the Artboard panel will help you do what you want.


          Otherwise, you might find it easiest to simply make your pdf and reorder the pages in Acrobat. It's quite easy, just open the page navigation panel and drag the pages to the order you want.

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            kas8 Level 1

            Unfortunatly [?] im still using CS4.


            Also, i tried the method you describe, but when i then open the file in Illustrator, and save it again to apply security options, the page is reset to its original position!

            Is it also possible to apply security options from Acrobat, the same way as in AI?

            Yes, ive noticed the security panel, but that has got way more and different options as AI...

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              Michael Riordan Adobe Community Professional

              Yes you can create or modify security settings in Acrobat. it's really an Acrobat thing, anyway. Illustrator can do it from the save as PDF dialogue, but it's really calling on Acrobat's features to do that.


              If you open the pdf in Acrobat and right click anywhere on the page you can access document properties. One of the tabs of this pop up menu is for security. it should look familiar and be manageable.


              good luck.

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                Rick@RedNovaLabs Level 1

                Maybe not what you want to hear, but this sounds like a job for InDesign. InDesign would do all of these things easily. I would keep all the art in AI and them place them in InDesign pages.

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                  kas8 Level 1

                  Thanks, i guess i gotta figure that out then. Guess this solves my problem!


                  As for using InDesign: I've tried using it before, and well, its even harder to use than Maya 3D, making it like the worst program ive ever tried to use. I simply hate it.

                  Thanks for the attempted help though

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                    japchap Level 1

                    I realize that this is an old thread, but there is a "poor man's trick"

                    to reorder the artboards in Illustrator CS4 without the use of Acrobat or other software.


                    You will have to delete your artboards in artboard tool (edit) mode,

                    but be sure to DEselect the "Move/Copy Artwork With Artboard" button.

                    When this button is deselected, you can easily delete the artboards,

                    but leave the content intact.

                    Delete all artboards, but leave the artboard that you want to have

                    as artboard #1 as the undeleted artboard.


                    (AI CS4 requires that you keep at least one artboard active.)


                    Following this, draw each successive artboard in turn over your content

                    (which should all be intact). You can use the New Artboard button on the

                    toolbar to insert a new artboard at the dimensions you specify.

                    Make sure that you draw the artboards in the exact order that you

                    wish the artboards to be ordered in your PDF or resulting output.


                    I realize it's a little troublesome, but I just did the same thing with

                    a 12-page document, and it took less than 10-15 minutes.

                    Now that I've reordered the artboards, I can output to PDF or

                    other image files, and the order remains intact.


                    Hope this helps!



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                      kas8 Level 1

                      This would indeed be a way. However, repositioning all the artboard exactly the same as before, could prove difficult.

                      I'm using CS5 now, and the artboard panel works great

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                        pier.bover Level 1

                        If you are on a mac open the PDF in preview, open the sidebar with the page thumbnails, and drag them in the order you wish. Save.

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                          Scott Falkner Level 6

                          InDesign is hard compared to Illustrator, like graphite is hard compared to diamonds.

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                            kas8 Level 1

                            Reviving dead topics -.-

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                              DarkDragonLord Level 1

                              If the 'reviving' post adds something new, what is the problem?

                              If was not allowed to contribute, then why it is not auto locked after 30~60days or vanish it from Search?



                              The post that explained about the CS4 trick about deleting all and re-doing helped me a lot since i'm in CS4, not 5.

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                                japchap Level 1

                                I agree completely.

                                Some people get uptight when others contribute to

                                "old" threads, but if the conversation is helping someone,

                                what's the big deal?

                                The only issue with old threads is that replies are not

                                as likely to be spotted so easily.


                                It's funny how everybody is treating CS4 as "old software"

                                now, where the deficiencies in artboard functionality

                                were magically solved with CS5. True, CS5's Artboard

                                panel is convenient, but why must we always have to

                                throw money at the problem? (I know, some people

                                will tell me, "you don't have to upgrade, you know"...

                                but that's missing the point.) It would be oh-so-delightful

                                if we could enjoy added functionality (such as with the

                                Mac App Store) without having to "repurchase" the software.



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                                  CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                  for those still using "old software" I wrote a script based on Jeff's "poor man's trick" to reorder CS4 artboards. For best results, click on the Artboard tool before running, happy reordering.



                                  #target illustrator
                                  // var script.name = reArrangeArtboardsCS4only.jsx;
                                  // var script.description = reArranges the Artboards indexes;
                                  // var script.required = an open document with at least 2 artboards, CS4 only, not tested in CS5;
                                  // var script.tip = click on the Artboard tool, before running, to see the AB Indexes
                                  // var script.parent = CarlosCanto; // 3/31/11
                                  // var script.elegant = false;
                                  var idoc = app.activeDocument;
                                  var abs = idoc.artboards;
                                  var abcount = abs.length; // save the artboard count
                                  j=1; // new AB order number, used for buttons labels
                                  var btn = []; // left buttons to show AB count
                                  var btn2 = []; // right buttons to set the new order
                                  var win = new Window("dialog","ReArrange Artboards ");
                                  var panelOgOrder = win.add("panel");
                                  var panelNewOrder = win.add("panel");
                                  win.orientation = "row"; // default is column, change to row
                                  win.onClose = onCloseFunction;
                                  for (i = 1 ; i<=abcount; i++) // add as many buttons as ABs
                                            btn[i] = panelOgOrder.add("button",undefined,"AB " + i, {name: i}); // named to know wich button was pressed
                                            btn2[i] = panelNewOrder.add("button",undefined, "Set Order", {name: i-1}); // -1, to use on 0 based Artboards
                                            btn[i].helpTip = "click for help";
                                            btn2[i].onClick = onClickButton; // add event listener
                                            btn[i].onClick = onClickButton1test;
                                  function onClickButton() // add AB and set button label from 1 to AB count
                                            this.text = j; // change button label from "Set Order" to 1,2, to AB count
                                            this.enabled = false; // disable to prevent clicking twice
                                            idoc.artboards.add(abs[this.properties.name].artboardRect); // duplicate AB, which one? 3rd button pressed, 3rd AB
                                            j = j+1; // add to the counter
                                            if (j>abcount) // after duplicating the AB, delete the originals
                                                 for (k=abcount-1; k>=0; k--)  // loop thru original ABs
                                                           idoc.artboards.remove(k); // and delete
                                  function onClickButton1test()
                                            var msg = "Click the buttons on the right in the order \r"; 
                                            msg = msg + "you want the Artboards to be Re-Arranged. \r";
                                            msg = msg + "You are required to click all the buttons";
                                  function onCloseFunction()
                                            if (j>1 && j<=abcount)
                                                 var msg2 = "You shouldn't close the window. \r"; 
                                                 msg2 = msg2 + "You should finish clicking all the buttons, \r";
                                                 msg2 = msg2 + "other wise you'll end up with extra Artboards. \r";
                                                 msg2 = msg2 + "If you must close, undo to get rid of extra Artboards. \r \r";
                                                 msg2 = msg2 + "Are you sure you want to close this window?";
                                                 close = confirm(msg2);
                                                 if (close == false)
                                                      return false;
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                                    japchap Level 1

                                    Fascinating, and an interesting solution, Carlos.

                                    I'm very impressed with your scripting skills!


                                    Although your script is certainly useful as-is with a small number

                                    of artboards, I noticed a few things that perhaps you might like

                                    to look at, to make the script even better.


                                    - While running the script and clicking on the artboard numbers in the order you want,

                                       the artboard numbers on the actual artboard seem to be changed to numbers

                                       in reverse order, which is confusing. So basically, you have two things

                                       going on: the renumbered script order on the JavaScript dialog, and

                                       the actual artboard script numbers, which appear to change dynamically

                                       even before the script is finished running.

                                       It would be less confusing if the actual artboard numbers didn't change until

                                       you pressed an "Execute" button or something. Maybe you could store the

                                       new artboard sequence in a temporary array, and then actually commit the changes

                                       when clicking "Execute" or "Save".


                                    - A "Cancel" button might be nice, in case the user messes up :-)


                                    - Clicking the buttons in order is interesting; but it might be even easier to understand

                                      if these were all text boxes, and the user typed in the new numbers to allocate to the

                                      old numbers...


                                    Makes me wish I knew more about JavaScript, so I could collaborate on this with you ;-)


                                    Anyway, it is really cool to see that someone like yourself is interested in providing

                                    solutions for people who don't want to - or can't - make the switch to CS5!



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                                      CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      Hi Jeff, thanks for the feed back, I appreciate all your comments.


                                      - point 1 - let me explain how it was intended to work to avoid confusion. The interface has nothing to do with the physical placement of the artboards and the buttons on the left with the labels "AB 1" etc.. are irrelevant, they're just a visual to know what button on the right you're clicking.

                                      In the screen shot I provided, I have 4 artboards and the indexes go 4, 3, 2, 1 from left to right. I had already reversed the order that originally was 1, 2, 3, 4 from left to right.

                                      So this is the mechanics to switch AB 4 with AB 3 in my screen shot to have the order 3, 4, 2, 1 from left to right. Looking at the indexes,

                                      - is AB 1 in the right order? yes, click on the button next to it

                                      - is AB 2 in the right order? yes, click on the button next to it

                                      - is AB 3 in the right order? NO, I want AB 4 to become 3rd, click on the button next to AB 4

                                      and so on, confusing?


                                      - to avoid the AB numbers to change as you click (just visually), comment out line 42


                                           yeah, if the user changes its mind half way thru, not making the actual changes would help. I thought of that, but I figured since it is easy to reArrange...well...just do it again as punishment



                                      - point 2 - even if I said one's required to click all the buttons, I kind of lied , you can still close the window by clicking on the X at top. I realize that after I made a test with a ridiculous amount of artboards and the buttons couldn't fit on the dialog. If the user messes up, no problem, undo is our friend. It could be incorporated into the dialog.



                                      - point 3 - text boxes is a very interesting suggestion...version 2 perhaps?



                                      hope it helps to clarify the Usage of the script, also clicking on the buttons on the left brings up "help". Thanks again for the feedback.

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                                        AaronGaka Level 1

                                        Excellent. Your solution works best for me. Four pages done lickedy split!!

                                        • 17. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                          yoboxe Level 1

                                          You know, this issue is EXACTLY what is wrong with Adobe! Of course, I have to use their products, but it seems like they have nothing over there but engineers.... WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU NEVER CONSIDER THE POSSIBILITY THAT PEOPLE MIGHT WANT TO CHANGE THE PRINT ORDER OF THEIR ARTBOARDS!


                                          I was not looking forward to joining the "Upgrade of the Week Club", yet you guys seem to hold back fixes like this until the next version is out so we all have to pay for what should have been there in the first place!


                                          Freehand is years old and I STILL prefer its drawing paradign to the clunky, multi-tool,modal approach you have foisted upon all us designers.


                                          I almost messed up a print job because of this studip idiosyncrasy in your software!


                                          Booo! And shame on you guys! Get some practicing designers in some focus groups, or discussions, or SOMETHING! What is most efficient for coding and development is NOT most efficient for the users!


                                          This makes me so mad, I want to spill Jolt Cola all over every one of the keyboards in the application design department! (Which of course, I would never do, but it is sure fun to think about!)

                                          • 18. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                            Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                            You, of course, realize that you are just yelling at other users and not any from the company, right?

                                            • 19. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                              Sutton Winson Level 1

                                              I'm so in agreement with you!

                                              • 20. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                Sutton Winson Level 1

                                                I've recently switched from CS4 to CS6 but I'm still unable to re-organise the page sequence in Illustrator... Can someone please advise me on what to do? Many thanks.

                                                • 21. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                  Sutton Winson Level 1

                                                  I don't agree in the least. Although InDesign and Illustrator share a common denominator in terms of fuctions, I choose one of the other depending on the content of my project: if a project is very graphic-based, I will definitely opt for Illustrator, no matter whether it consists of one artboard or 20. It would be bad practice and very time consuming to create certain elements in Illustrator and then having to import them in InDesign.


                                                  I know this is getting a bit off-topic, but Freehand (RIP) was one of the most advanced, user-friendly and complete programs of its time, it had power of an illustrator tool and the capabilities of a layout program. A true designer's tool!


                                                  Come on Adobe, learn something from that, after all you bought Macromedia all those years ago.

                                                  • 22. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                                                    I can try to help you with the artboards.


                                                    Using the artboard panel


                                                    you drag the artboards to the relative position you want them to be. that is if you want artboard 2 to be where artboard 1 is yiu just drag it above artboard 1 or drag artboard 1 below artboard 2 and then do the same to the other artboards you wish to reorder.


                                                    From the flyout menu of the artboard panel select Rearrange Artboards all the artoards and their content will be moved and renumbered to flow in a 1,2,3…sequence.




                                                    • 23. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                      Sutton Winson Level 1

                                                      Excellent! Thank you very much!

                                                      • 24. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                        karenf1 Level 1

                                                        where would you put this script? Thanks much.

                                                        • 25. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                          CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                          - copy the script from here

                                                          - open the ESTK, it should be in the same folder where the other CS apps live

                                                          - ESTK should open with a blank document

                                                          - paste the script there

                                                          - save it, and place it in your default illustrator scripts folder

                                                          - restart Illustrator


                                                          to run the script

                                                          - go to File->Scripts

                                                          • 26. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                            karenf1 Level 1

                                                            Many thanks for your generosity with your time & reply!

                                                            • 27. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                              karenf1 Level 1

                                                              Here is a link to a fabulous 3 minute video that shows how to set up the artboards in CS5 - columns etc - and move them around:



                                                              • 28. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                karenf1 Level 1

                                                                One more question! These new artboards in CS5 are pretty terrific with so much added funtionality! But how would you set up that classic structure you'd use in InDesign: two side-by-side 8.5 x 11 pages, with bleed on all sides EXCEPT the gutter? So far all I can find is the ability to assign bleed separately to the four sides - which is great - but NOT the ability to assign a different bleed to the gutter - which would be different / opposite sides depending on whether it was a left or right page. BTW/FYI: I set the docment up as 8.5 x 11 and 2 columns. Many thanks for the wonderful help here in this forum!

                                                                • 29. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                  CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                  karenf1 wrote:


                                                                  Here is a link to a fabulous 3 minute video that shows how to set up the artboards in CS5 - columns etc - and move them around:




                                                                  of course, if you have CS5, there's no need for the script, it was made specifically for CS4

                                                                  • 30. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                    CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                    karenf1 wrote:


                                                                    One more question! ...


                                                                    you should start a new thread with your question, you'll get helped better

                                                                    • 31. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                      karenf1 Level 1

                                                                      carlos - when I asked you the question about the script - I wasn't aware that my husband had CS5 on his mac. I found that out this morning- so I got to see the CS5 changes to the artboard. But thank you so much I did try your method out. It was just a bit over my head.

                                                                      • 32. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                        jaypzl Level 1

                                                                        Thanks JapChap... this really helped out. I don't think I'll be switching to CS5 anytime soon. I got CS4 at home, CS2 at work!


                                                                        Oh, and those folks lamenting about our good ol' FreeHand program? Man I sure do miss using it. Can't anymore now that I'm using Lion. Multi-page layout Functionality, Find & Replace, Paste Inside - those were my go-to functions that are not done very well (or at all) in AI. In FH this prob is easily solved by dragging the page over in a side menu display window...


                                                                        Clipping Masks blow...


                                                                        AI - dig in that FreeHand magic box and put the Paste Inside in AI! So many good functions that would make AI so much more design friendly... I wonder if the AI developers actually have "working-career-type" designers on their team?


                                                                        Anyways, sorry for the rant if it doesn't relate... If it does, yeah man, that's right...


                                                                        Peace & Command Z!


                                                                        • 33. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                          pierBover Level 1

                                                                          Just to let know everyone here that CS6 has this new page administrator which does exactly that.

                                                                          • 35. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                            purdyclevur Level 1

                                                                            Open the artboards panel, drag the artboards in the order you want them to be. They will keep the same artboard # but will export in the order you place them and won't move or rearrange the artboards in your file.

                                                                            • 36. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                              Cosmosion Level 1

                                                                              Hey! This is how I did it in CS6.


                                                                              1. Menu>Window>Artboards
                                                                              2. Select Artboard
                                                                              3. Click UP or DOWN arrow


                                                                              I hope this works in all the previouse versions of Illustrator!




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                                                                              • 37. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                                CarlosCanto Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                                                                it will work as far as CS5, the CS4 version does not have this feature, and  CS3 and older do not have artboards.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                                  dadagrrr Level 1

                                                                                  You can also click and drag them, in addition to double-clicking the Artboard name to change it.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Change artboard order/numbers
                                                                                    Abambo Adobe Community Professional

                                                                                    Correct answer!

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