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    How can i keep from crashing?


      early version cs5 blues.  I keep getting crashes in After effects doing simple things like importing or clicking on windows or exporting. I tried saving my assets to another file and it still crashes. there isnt anything exotic in these comps, save for some blurs.


      I just installed a script that makes creating solids cams etc faster (get sh*t done from ae scripts) and that may be causing a conflict.


      I also get another strange crash where my screen starts to flicker and everything except the mouse, freezes. I have to hard press reboot.


      It happens sometimes when i scrub the timeline.


      I am also getting AE Open GL crashes. I bumped up the texture ram to 80% as per the adobe trouble shooting doc.


      I also have CS3 loaded on here (for backup of course) and i dont know if the plists are causing some conflicts. I dont know if i should trash them?



      adobe production cs5

      Macpro 2.66 ghz quad-core

      8GB of ram

      Gforce GT-120

      OS 10.6.4



      150GB on my system drive free

      150 GB on my project drive free




      All cs5 applications are updated.


      Any help would greatly be appreciated. I think i may not have my settings in proper order and would love to hear suggestions on how to optimize AE.