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    SNMPQuery and Database

    Xtort Level 1
      I am currently doing two SNMP walk queries to get first the ID (usually 1 through 72), and then another query to get the name values. So I will get query1 with 1 through 72 in it, and query2 will get the names of all the values that match the 1 through 72 OID's. I want to put these two queries into a database for storage.

      I can put the first query into the database using an INSERT, but I cannot figure out how to do an UPDATE on the second query. I would need to UPDATE each line using a WHERE clause but can't.

      For example.

      <cfouput query2>
      <cfquery datasource="test">
      UPDATE table
      SET name='#query2variable#'
      WHERE id = '#query1variable#'

      This doesn't work however. I suppose I could put the SNMP queries into lists or arrays and then parse them into the db, but is there an easier way?