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    FLVPlayback in slow motion

      Oops, sorry - clicked 'Post Message' by mistake.
      Anyway...here it is:
      First visit this site . Click one of the videos there, then click 'smart player'.
      Now, notice that they have a Slow Motion button over there. I'm kinda new to the FLV portion of AS. I tried all sorts of way to make this slow motion effect. Is there a way? how the hek did they do it?

      Need it very urgent, please help...pleaaaaaasee
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          Jiggo Level 1
          Someone? anyone?...
          is it possible at all?
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            Use FlashJester JStart


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              Greg Dove Level 4
              Not sure how Jstart would be in any way relevant to that... its for launching external apps from a projector from what I understand.

              The player at the end of the link looks very good. I couldn't say for sure but I can only assume they're doing the frame by frame stuff by 'caching' bitmapdata copies of the real video frames in memory (rather than using single frame combinations of pause(true) pause(false) for the NetStream. The reason I think this is that they also do reverse frame by frame and that's impossible (between keyframes) without doing a bitmapData capture of the recent frames.