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    AIR simple streaming server

    daslicht Community Member



      is it possible to stream audio / flv over a socket connection ?


      Any examples ?




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          You can do this by using ffmpeg and ffserver.


          You first have to set a ffserver saying

          that you get a flux and making it available on a socket. see http://ffmpeg.org/ffserver-doc.html

          for more information. (on  linux: ffserver -f test.conf)

          The sole problem is to configure the ffserver (the .conf file). But the documentation is quite ok and you have an example in the default .conf file.

          Then create your content with ffmpeg by sending a webcam flux for example to  the socket

          (on linux: ffmpeg -r 15 -s 320x240 -fvideo4lilnux2 -i /dev/video0


          Then you put this code to your air apps:

          <s:VideoDisplay id="display" autoPlay="true" width="100%" height="100%"

          source="" muted="true"/>

          <s:TextInput  id="txt" width="100%"  enter="launchChat()"/>



          It will display on the videodisplay the flux of your webcam.

          By setting the IPadress, and redirect your ports, you can even use that all over the world.



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            daslicht Community Member

            Hello Julien,


            thanks alot for the answer.


            Ok my first quest is than to get the both ff**** pieces work on windows since my student server is a windows2008 server


            Have a nice time!


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              flexJu Community Member

              I never did that, but there is a section that explain how to setup the ffmpeg tools on windows at this adress:




              Installing the tools will be the most difficult part but as it is just some c soft, it can't be that hard.