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    How can I see all pages I have created?




      I've looked everywhere on the web and I couldn't find an answer. I have this old server that has discontinued several of it's older pages, and is now only using one. I need to clean up old links, and get rid of all the old information. I have restricted access to Contribute, so I'm not sure if I'm missing on something because of that. I can't see all pages throught that left side panel. The only way I can see the documents and pages attached to this sever is if I go to this "Choose" button beside the URL entry tab, it will open up several files and indicate theirs respective pages. Are those all the pages from the server?

      I'm guessing I could also do it through FTP client, but I don't have access to it as of now. Please help me figure this out! :}

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               The Pages Panel lists only the web page which you are currently editing. And when you click Choose button, it will display the web pages in the server, to which you have access to. That is, if an administrator has restricted you to edit only web pages in a particular folder in the server, then, it lists web pages only from that folder. It will not show web pages which are in the other folders.


          Hope this helps.