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    htmlFileToPDF only works with a ZIP file


      Hello everybody.


      I'm writing a simple Java program with Eclipse as to test the htmlFileToPDF API call.


      According to the docs, this API ""Creates a PDF document from an input HTML file or a ZIP file containing HTML files and/or Image files. For ZIP files, this method searches the ZIP contents for the index.html file. It then uses the index.html as the document root."


      So I created a simple Java program (mostly taken from http://help.adobe.com/en_US/livecycle/9.0/programLC/help/000213.html#1548718 - Converting HTML content to a PDF document using the Java API) but it only seems to work when the inputDocument is a ZIP file which contains the index.html file.


      As an examples, considering the following lines:


              FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream("C:\\index.html");
           Document inHTML = new Document(is);
           HtmlToPdfResult result = pdfGenClient.htmlFileToPDF(


      With the above example, when the class executes I got the following exception:


           ALC-PDG-080-019-Input file File.zip does not contain the index html file


      If I change the first line to read


              FileInputStream is = new FileInputStream("C:\\test.zip");


      and the test.zip file does contain the index.tml file, everything works as expected.


      What am I missing?




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          Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

          Use  htmlToPDF instead of htmlFileToPDF.



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            RobRZDZ Level 1

            Hi Jasmin!


            First of all, thank you for your reply.


            Well, far from me from being a nitpicker but isnt's htmlToPDF supposed to perform an HTML -> PDF conversion of an URL?


            According to the docs, htmlToPDF "creates a PDF document from an HTML file located at a given URL"; the input parameter inputURL is the URL of the HTML page you want to convert.


            OK, even files on a filesystem can be can be accessed as URLs but is there something wrong with the htmlFileToPDF API?


            I'm new to LCES2 so I might be wrong but, from the docs, I thought htmlFileToPDF was well suited for what I was trying to achieve; or perhaps the doc for this API has to be amended?




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              Jasmin Charbonneau Level 4

              I though you wanted to create it from a URL sorry. I just glanced through the post.


              The documentation is fine. htmlFileToPDF can convert html content.


              The trick is you need to put it in a document variable (com.adobe.idp.Document) and set a property to a temporary  name so it knows it's a single file and not a zip.


              Document htmlDoc = new Document(htmlContent.getBytes());
              htmlDoc.setAttribute("file", "Temp.html");



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                RobRZDZ Level 1

                Hi Jasmin.


                No need to apologize and thanks for your help.


                I'm pretty new with LCES2 APIs so I did not pay enough attention to the setAttibute() method; by following your example, everything now works as expected.