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    Black converting to CMYK with SNAP profile

    frostbytefalls Level 1

      In Acrobat, or my clients Prinergy system, converting a file to CMYK from RGB produces blacks as expected with the SWOP (U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2) profile that comes with Adobe software. That is to say that 100K and tints of K stay 100K and at their repective tint values when converting from RGB to CMYK.


      But if no other change is made except the conversion profile is switched to SNAP (SNAP2007.icc from www.color.org) the same blacks that converted as expected with the SWOP profile convert to CMYK, e.g., 240% ink 80% black.


      I know there are settings, fixes, workarounds and what have you for this but I want to know why one profile works, what I would call, correctly and one works, what I would call, wrong.


      Thanks for any help,