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    HSlider getting anchored to the right


      So I am creating an application that uses multiple viewstacks.


      In one of the viewstack I have a button and an HSlider, the button prompts me to select a file to upload (image). I upload the image, and then get the result back as a string of the filename. At this point I dispatch an event telling the top level container to add and Image() child to one of it's children, so that I can see the image.


      At this point, the hslider is used to resize the image, scaling it up or down when I move the thumb of the hslider left or right. There is only one problem. When I try and click the thumb to drag it, the hslider thumb just anchors to the max value all the way to the right. If I click on the track, the thumb moves to the correct position.


      The only way to fix this that I have found, is to focus out of the browser (not just the flex app, focus has to go onto a different application like itunes), then focus back into the browser. At this point, the thumb is able to be moved like normal.



      NOTE: This happens in all browsers, and the thumb works just fine BEFORE the image is uploaded / added to the parent container.