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    Photshop Album Starter Edition 3.2


      Please explain how to save photoshop album starter photos to a folder on my desktop.



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          Mark C. Dahm Adobe Employee

          PSA only shows you files that are already in folders on your hard drive. The advantage of having them in a single grid is that it doesn't force you to know what folders the files are in when working with them.


          Assuming none have been moved or deleted from their original place (you would know if this is the case, since Starter Edition would start to complain that the originals cannot be found, if they had been moved), you can easily create COPIES (not move) on your desktop by:

          1. create a folder on your desktop

          2. Start Starter Edition, resize the window so it only takes up part of the screen, and reveals the destination folder on the desktop where you want to copy the files,

          3. Select all the files in the Starter Edition grid

          4. Drag/drop them onto the folder on your desktop. That exports new files.


          If the program complains that some files cannot be found, you could cancel, the try the File>Reconnect missing files command, but if those files don't exist any more on your desktop, then Starter Edition cannot create new copies of files based on the index of files that it shows within its grid.


          Let me know if any of this isn't clear.



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            1Teddy Level 1

            Thanks Mark!

            That was pefect!