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    Quotation Marks display as boxes


      I have a dynamic text field being populated by an external .txt file:


      myData = new LoadVars();
      myData.onLoad = function()
          myText_txt.text = this.myAssignmentText;


      When the text loads everything looks good except all the quotation marks and apostrophes are boxes. If I manually change the quotation marks to straight quotes within the .txt they display fine, but if I copy and paste straight from Word into a .txt the curly quotations remain and look like boxes. Any way to make curly quotes display correctly? And I tried embedding all the glyphs and that doesn't seem to work. The current is font _serif.


      I'm using CS5. It seems as though how it handles fonts is a bit different than previous versions as well which is lending to the confusion.

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          Rothrock Level 5

          The curly quotes aren't part of the regular character set and so you will need to specifically embed them.


          You should be able to cut and past curly quotes from Word into the embed dialog box or you can make them (on a PC which I assume you have) by using Alt-0147 and Alt-0148. You have to use the numeric keypad for those numbers.

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            CowAttack Level 1

            This doesn't seem to be working or i'm doing something wrong.


            I have my empty text field. In the Properties panel "_serif" is selected as the font family. I can't select anything under "style." Next to "style" I click the "Embed..." button and that box opens. I select all of the characters I can just to see if any will work. In the box below the glyph selection titled "Also include these characters" I added the curly quotes characters along with an apostrophe (cause that displays incorrectly as well). When I then preview the file they're still boxes.



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              Rothrock Level 5

              Are you using a classic text field or the TLF? I have a Mac at home with CS5, but no Word. And at work I have a PC with Word, but only CS4.


              On my Mac I can't seem to recreate the problem. At work we have had this problem, but the fix I gave worked there (for CS4).


              What I am noticing is that at home my "_serif" font is a Truetype and yours is an Open Type. Also for All you are getting 1332/93514 and that I'm getting 1191/93514 characters. I don't know what might be causing the differences.


              I've never quite had a grasp on _sans, _serif, and _typewriter. But my vague understanding is that it was to use the device fonts specified on each users end machine. So in that case I'm not sure why you would embed that. What happens if you try a different font? Something like Times Roman.

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                Van Garmon Level 1

                I think you were meaning to send this to someone else??? I am the guy trying to figure out the flv clips with playback component.