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    Is it possible to change the dimensions of the project in CS5?


      Hello all,


      I am currently creating a digital sign which is split into 2 regions. In the first region I have a PowerPoint which displays menu items and their prices. In the second region, I want to have a video which I have edited in Premiere Pro CS5 and exported as an MPEG-2. The dimensions of the 2 regions are as follows:


      Region 1: 1303.2 x 1080

      Region 2: 616.8 x 1080


      Region 1 is all set (the PowerPoint) however, Region 2 has scaled down the video to fit inside itself. So instead of filling out the entire column, it has shrunk itself down to retain its unskewed dimensions. I am curious as to whether it is possible to output the video from CS5 so that the video's final dimensions were 616.8 x 1080 and thus would fill the column.


      Thank you for your time and your responses,