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    "Unsafe Operation Attempted" - how to avoid this.

    Chris|Cousins Level 1

      Hi - hope someone can help. Quite frequently I'm rendering in a 3D app in the background while working on an AE comp, to a frame sequence, and updating the new frames as I go. So say I've got 2000 frames to render, I'll be able to start work in AE once I've got the first couple of hundred frames rendered - this hasn't been a problem before as long as I've been careful to avoid the dreaded missing frames.


      In CS5 however, when accessing frame sequences that are being added to, I always get this error:




      It looks like AE has noticed there are new frames in the sequence, tries to update them then decides it can't and stops to tell me about it. And I have to click "OK" three or four times to clear the error. This is a big stumbling block and really slowing me down, so I'm hoping there's a way to let AE behave as it used to, or at least stop it from updating the frame sequence until I update manually.


      Thanks for any advice - Chris

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          Adobe says:

          Possible causes:

          In the specific case, the sampleImage() function was used in  combination with other code to retrieve color information. However, no  safeguards were put in place to specify the exact coordinates for the  color sampling, so it would produce wrong results if the layer was  moved.

          Resolution or workaround:

          If you are uncertain, always add layer space transforms such as .toComp() for such operations. Likewise, when dealing with colors, always make  sure to use the correct syntax to conatin all color components in  arrays.


          its not that much helpfull, but what I've done: increased the RAM for after effects, and added an adjustment layer with motion blur on it, and it worked!

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            Dave LaRonde Level 6

            I strongly recommend that you re-examine your work flow.  It isn't good practice to render in a different application in the background while trying to render in AE in the foreground.


            Considering that AE can utilize up to 4GB per core, you're probably starving either AE or your 3D application of much-needed memory, and both are probably suffering.


            Since we know nothing about your machine's processing and memory capabilities, nor the version of AE you run, that's about all I can tell you right now.


            Oh, wait: until we know more, turn off multiprocessing in AE, and leave it off.  That should help.

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              Chris|Cousins Level 1

              Thanks for the reply David. I seem to be having better luck actually with 10.01 - bit soon to tell if it's fixed as it was an intermittent error anyway.


              For what it's worth, the background 3D rendering isn't that stressful - I've restricted Cinema to using 4 cores (out of 8) and the scenes aren't too RAM intensive. I'm working in SD/8-bit on this project too, so RAM isn't an issue (16Gb total).