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    Lightroom 3 resize speed


      Yesterday I selected folder with 502 RAW dng images and converted them to small jpg for web use.

      Color space, ppi and dimensionns were changed. This took about an hour.


      I have a Mac Pro with quad processors and 16 gig of RAM sending to two 1 gig HD in raid 0.


      This took an hour. Does this seem reasonable??





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          renambot Level 1

          Sounds OK. My laptop (latest macbookpro, unpluggled from power) takes around 10 sec. per frame to export.

          500 frames * 10 sec: ~ 1h 20 min.


          Once done editing, you can try to delete all the previews, select the 2010 raw engine, re-generate full-size previews (or standard size) and optimize your catalog upon exit.


          Make sure your drives are not in degraded state (poor perf. is often is symptoms).



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            areohbee Level 6

            I believe this post may have been better targeted at the Lightroom Forum proper. And no, I'm not the forum moderator, but yes - I've made this sort of mistake more than once myself...



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              Sam1015 Level 1

              Thanks for your responces. I guess this is pretty normal.



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                areohbee Level 6

                Yes - rendering raws from scratch takes a long time on any machine using any software - at least a few seconds each if there are few adjustments, fast ("bugless") software, and fast hardware... More likely several seconds+ on the average. If you re-export much, consider folding changes into a tif or jpeg which will then render much faster. Also, if the first ones render fast but the latter ones render slow, you're software has a bug that probably includes a memory leak - consider dividing the exports into smaller chunks and restart Lightroom in between until the bugs are fixed.