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    Request a .jpg image from Indesign server via script?

    lhanneman Level 1



      I have a scenario in which I am switching from using QuarkXpress Server to Indesign Server. With Quark Server I am able to request a jpg image from a quark Document. Basically, by providing the right parameters, I can get a JPG preview of what a picture box or text box looks like in the Quark Document.


      I need to do something like this with InDesign Server. Is it possible to write a script specifying an Indesign Document and maybe a TextFrameID or PictureFrame ID and get a JPG rendering of it?


      I know I can export the whole document as a PDF but I need to be able to get images of single textframes/pictureframes or grouped frames.


      Does anyone know if this is possible or how to do this?


      thanks in advance!!!