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    Local Connection mysterious disconnection!!


      I am working on  project that we use LocalConnection between a webapp and an AIR  application, now everything is working perfectly in communication! But spend a few minutes when the connection drops, and then let the results of a full day of testing!

      Situation, every 1 second sent a message to the webapp AIR ...
      within 40 minutes the connection dropped, with 2600 messages sent to the AIR app.

      Repeated at least three times these tests and getting the same values about with a failure of at most 2% up and down.

      Now I started a new load test!

      I'm sending every one minute message from a webapp for the AIR app ...
      until this very moment I'm 77 message boards and about 1 hour and 15 minutes to open connection ...

      anyone know any reason? some constraint is the amount of posts? the amount of time connected?

      Victor C Tavernari