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    a drop down menu that well doesnt drop down help is needed. ty

    RastenisDesign Level 1

      So my proof of concept is below. i followed this video tutorial http://www.tutvid.com/tutorials/flash/tutorials/dropDownMenu.php and i came across a problem.  the green bar is a menu that lights up and drops a menu down.  I created the buttons, then followed by a layer that is the drop down layer that includes an internal layer of a mask layer that drops down.  In that sub layer i put in on frame 1 stop(); and on frame 6 stop in a an action script layer.  then going back to the initial scene one i gave the drop down menu an instance name and then went into the button layer and gave it some action script below






      I test the movie no errors just nothing seems to be triggering the menu to do anything, i mean it use to light up now nothing its a dead energizer bunny.  I'm up for any suggestion solutions ideas thoughts.  or plans to conquer the world.  have a pretty solid deadline tomorrow.  any help is appreciated!!!




      Echo Application Drop Down Menu bar down.jpg