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    Error: "root/fpj cannot be multiply Checked Out"

      Using RH6 HTML / WebHelp and RSC3 checked out entire project, clicked New Topic icon and got this error!?

      Anyone ever see this and how am I to proceed?
      I'm the admin, and am signed in as Admin (with all rights).
      Just finished getting all our projects in RoboSource Control 3 (version control); -- all has been working great to check-out (get) full projects, make edits, and check back in. However, this is the first time I've attempted to create a new topic (after going to RoboSource Control). Obviously, this is not good as all my authors will need to add new topics and likewise use the duplicate topic option.

      Is there a setting that is causing this?
      I'm in RH6, however, the error is entitled: "RoboSource Error" - which tells me that RS Control is preventing me from creating the new topic.
      The actual dialog error says: "File */MASTER/DASHBOARD/root.fpj cannot be multiply Checked Out."
      Master is my main folder root folder, Dashboard is the sub-folder. The wording of the above error doesnt even make sense....."cannot be multiply Checked Out"??

      My connection settings are set to Online - so everyone will be able to see activity throughout my 30 merged project system. Pls Advise ASAP - I'm supposed to provide training to them this week and can't proceed with this problem. Thanks, Chris