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    Drag Drop editor activate

    Handycam Level 1
      Hello. I've got a datagrid the had a numeric stepper component in column 0.

      Items are dragged & dropped into this grid, then clicked to edit.

      I have the following function to activate the editor no matter where in the row gets clicked:

      public function editCell(event:ListEvent):void {
      choiceList.editedItemPosition = {columnIndex:0, rowIndex:event.rowIndex}; }

      Works fine. But I'd like to modify it so that the editor gets activated on drop, without requiring the click. But apparently i cannot simply use:

      public function editDroppedCell(event:DragEvent):void {
      choiceList.editedItemPosition = {columnIndex:0, rowIndex:event.rowIndex}; }

      Because the drag event does not support rowIndex. So how do I tell Flex to activate the dropped row?