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    Wanting Context Sensitive Help Topics to open in same layout as main WebHelp


      We're implementing WebHelp and CSH for our site using Robohelp HTML 8. Our site runs on Kentico CMS, so the developers have added a form field within the CMS that we can populate our Map ID and it opens the topic from our WebHelp file. If no value is defined then it opens the default WebHelp. All of this works correctly, however there seems to be a difference in the layout and we can't figure out why.


      When launching the default (non-mapped) topic, the WebHelp contains the two-pane XP Blue layout, with TOC, search, etc. But when launching a CSH mapped topic it opens in a plain white window that just holds the content pane (see below), with a text 'Show' link the user must click to get the XP Blue layout to show.


      8-4-2010 5-09-29 PM.jpg


      Mine is a two-part question: How can I get the CSH to open the XP Blue pane like the default topic without clicking Show? If not, how can I change the 'show' link to be something more appropriate - like 'Show Index'?