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    E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS and Document is licensed for a different user account


      Thus far Adobe Digital Editions is the most complicated software to use in the universe- and I feel it may be the downfall of the entire E READER's existence.



      Here's why:



      1.) I created an account with adobe digital editions.


      2.) I purchased ebooks from Barnes and Nobles. com. These books are in EPUB format.


      3.) I downloaded said books from Barnes and Nobles .com to my PC. (windows XP)


      4.) I tried to open said files with ADE to transfer on my EREADER. No luck. I receive an error message stating that these files  are " Licensed under a different user account." Then I get the error "Too many activations)


      How are they licensed under a different user account?! I am the only user. Can someone please help me? I just want to move these two EPUB files into Adobe Digital Editions so that I may put them on my COOL-ER Reader.