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    PE4 and Windows 7


      Well I've just been compelled to get a new HP with Windows 7 (old computer died).  I was pretty excited at what this might mean for video editing with 5 gigs of RAM, 64 bits, etc., but so far it's been very disappointing.


      Device manager reads the camera (Sony FX1000), and says it is working well.  I open PE to capture and it is absolutely catatonic.   When the capture window first opens, there is a yellow exclamation mark by the camera, but it goes away after a minute or two (literally) and just says "stopped."  I hit the capture button and wait, and wait, and wait.  After a few minutes the camera sometimes starts running, and the image appears in the capture window, but PE is not capturing.   It still says "get video" under the window (unresponsive when I hit it), and nothing exists in organizer when the process is done.


      Now, this is just in the capture procedure.  PE works fine importing and editing other video that I have.  So, if PE4 is fine, and the connection between the camera and the computer is fine, where might the glitch be?


      Thanks in advance for any suggestions.