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    Another scaling question


      Hi, I'm making a personal portfolio website and I'm having the same problem many people have been having with flash catalyst not allowing you to scale your content to fit in the browser. I have read most of the other threads on this and followed the directions on this article ( http://flashcats.net/2010/06/08/making-a-catalyst-swf-scalable/) and it still didn't work for me...

      my website isn't done but I have published what I have so far so you can see my issue, http://www.tyler-barker.com. so those three grey slide out bars (the one for architecture isn't functional yet) should line up with the left hand edge of the browser at all times because i don't want a white line to the left of them. The effect i'm going for is that they slide out from the side of the page. Same goes for each "scroll panel" components (in the photography bar after you click on a photo) that all the image sets are based in, I want it to line up exactly with both the left and right sides so when you're scrolling it looks like its coming out from the edge of the browser.

      First I tried to just lock the browser window to specific dimensions when you load the site but after reading on how to do that its kind of complicated to take into account how all the different browsers deal with dimensions. So now I'm trying to figure out how to scale the flash content as a whole to whatever the browser size is and so far the directions posted haven't work for me.


      To sum this up, I need help with two things

      1: getting rid of vertical or horizontal scrollbars

      2: making sure I don't have any left or right borders (top and bottom are fine)


      thanks in advance for any help!