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    Transparent Background EPS @ High Quality


      I'm just pulling the little hair I have left out.( i'm on a mac, cs5)  I have a logo I created which is just  text. I need to have the logo have a transparent background.  The problem I'm having. Is I'm hearing different people say  Illustrator doesn't support transparency(  I doubt that).   I do all the normal things, file save as, select .eps  made sure  transparent was check,  fonts embedded. Saved.   I think everything cool..  When i view it in preview  it comes up with white background.   If I import into acrobat, still white background.  Import into photoshop, still white background.   How can I ensure it keeps the Transparent Background?   Or should I be saving as .ai?    One note also when I import it into photoshop, the resolution is only 72 not 300 as the original  file was in Illustrator.  A friend said I should've just created it in photoshop at 300dpi with a transparent background.

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          tman69 Level 3

          in theory--the only way that a logo built only of text can have a white background is IF the text box has the color set to white.

          that said--try this open the EPS in illustrator and do a select ALL--IF you see a rectangle around your logo then the text boxt is set to white...so...select the set box and set it's color to NONE then resave (before you save it--test that it has a transparent background by drawing a colored box and dragging it over the logo-then use the arrange command to send the colored box to 'back')--then try' placing' the logo into an Indesign document--IF you are still having problems with it try posting your EPS in this forum so someone can look at how it's built.

          FYI-illustrator does support transparency--the first program to actually have 'transparency' was Illustrator 9 (CS5 is version 15)-but even earlier versions were capable of having a transparent background as long as your art is Vector and not raster art.

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            Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

            It sounds like you might have an effect applied to the textlike a drop shadow and that the raster image effects settings is 72 ppi?

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              Harron K. Appleman Level 4

              ...I'm hearing different people say Illustrator doesn't support transparency...

              It's the EPS format that does not support transparency.* I'm curious as to what in your workflow makes it necessary to use EPS.


              Or should I be saving as .ai?

              That would be my recommendation. Always use an application's native file format -- especially to save "master" versions of your work. Within the Creative Suite, you have the ability to export/import among applications using native files -- making possible such features as Smart Objects -- so why not take full advantage of the built-in capabilities?


              If I import into acrobat, still white background.

              If you want a PDF file that respects transparency, use Save As PDF in Illustrator.


              (*EPS provides for an embedded "clipping path" which can be used by supporting applications to knock out background. This, however, is not true transparency. Photoshop, for example, can save out EPS images with clipping paths -- recognized by page layout applications and Illustrator. Going the other way, however, I know of no way for Illustrator to create an EPS clipping path that survives the rasterization that occurs when importing into Photoshop.)

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                badchess Level 2

                Your friend is evil.  (what can I say, I'm a vector head).


                The key point might be, where are you going to use the file?  On the web, in an indesign document, other?

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                  Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                  Well, there is no reason why text set in AI and exported as an eps and placed in ID would not have a transparent background unless it had a raster  effect applied.


                  As such


                  Screen shot 2010-08-05 at 11.11.30 AM.png


                  Screen shot 2010-08-05 at 11.17.30 AM.png

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                    Wade_Zimmerman Level 6

                    If one is placing an effect to the text one should do that in ID and better yet create the text in ID.


                    The work flow here seems odd.




                    Here is a placed eps with text only and the drop shadow effect is applied to it directly in ID from the Effects panel.


                    Screen shot 2010-08-05 at 11.24.55 AM.png

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                      I hope this works in CS5 ---


                      I'm working with CS4, and ran into the same issues with EPS production of a reversed out logo always showing up in different applications with white background. So, I tried creating another EPS, but changed the version (1st drop down box) to CS2 - and voila! I have an EPS with a transparent background. Let me know if you've tried this, and if it works for you. If you'd like a screen-shot, give me a shout out at mfa@ex3535.com.


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                        I'm running into the same problem. I'm using raster effects (specifically a bevel). Is there no way to keep the vector data while saving the .eps? I seem to keep the outlines and all the vector data.


                        Im in CS6. I've got an oval and it has a punch. I'm using a bevel and a curve adjustment layer. I can save the .eps and remove the white background from the image but the punch remains white. Infact it becomes a solid object. The design is unchanged but it's just filled with white. Now it is a shape layer with a mask over it. When I take it into Il and break it down, (my round about way of fixing it) the effect becomes what looks like a raster image with a clipping mask. Though it's pulling other layers into it.


                        Is there a solution? or do I have to do it the round about way (creating the effects in Ps, breaking it down and pulling it apart in Il and then saving the .eps?