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    Propeller spinning problem

      I have a model of a plane and need to make the propellers spin at a realistic speed.

      I've tried creating the animation in 3DSMax, importing into Director, and altering the playrate to try and make them spin faster - but no success. As I increase the playrate the animation seems to jerk badly and not spin.

      The animation has a 5 frame keyframe loop with 1 rotation of the blades. When exported the animation doesn't seem to play at the same speed as in 3DSMax, i.e. plays slower.

      I've also tried Director's 'Automatic Model Rotation' function but this has an upper rotation speed limit of 20 which is no where near fast enough.

      Is there another way to rotate the model either in Director or 3DSMax which will give accurate results?
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          If you are using the same Automatic Model Rotation that I have in my
          library (the built in one that comes with Director), the default speed
          is 5 and you can increase it up to 20 (or decrease to -20).

          If 20 is too low for you, then you can change the max/min in the script
          itself. Open the script and scroll down to line 412. Change the #min
          and #max to whatever you want.
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            tedalde2 Level 2
            If you want the -look- of a rapidly spinning propeller (circular, blurry vibration...) you might want to use a blurry spinning texture instead of a spinning model. Use a circular, mostly-transparent alpha texture on a shader, and spin it over time. Something like yourScene.shader("propeller").textureTransformList[x].rotate(0.0, 0.0, 2.0). Might look better, just a thought.