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    Importing WORD document with special regional characters in RoboHelp X5


      i have a problem, when im importing a *.doc document. The document is written in slovene and it contains special regional characters. Here is the deal:
      I was using RoboHelp 4.0 before and i had this same problem. What i did was, when i added a new topic (imported *.doc file) into existing project and the WebHelp was generated, in the web browser i clicked the last added topic and opened a source code, where i changed the charset from 1252 to 1250. That enabled the special characters to be viewed correctly. When i imported some additional topics and generated the WebHelp again, the program somehow "saved" the 1250 setting in the previous topics and the characters were correctly shown. I had to adjust 1250 only in the new topics, that were added before the last generate.

      When i try to do the same in RoboHelp X5, this doesnt work. Program doesnt "remember" the 1250 setting and it always generates with 1252 character setting. Which is a problem, because there are a lot of topics and i would have to change the character setting for every topic/doc document i added.

      What can i do ?

      Thanks in advance