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    loading external jpegs

      I have a page that loads external jpegs... however it seems totake longer to retireve and display/load the images going through flash than it does if i were to display them as html...why is this... or am I just wrong. thanks J.
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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          it may take slightly longer to initiate the download, but it shouldn't/doesn't take much longer. from past experience i would think 1 second longer would be the upper limit.
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            jonnybennett Level 1
            thanks kglad,...
            the website i have is purely in flash. It communicates with a mysql database using php. However as well as being slow at loading external jpegs it is also very slow at retrieving and loading data from the database.
            When I test the site locally it runs very fast.
            If this was a problem with my scripting (php) wouldn't i notice this slowdown when I tested locally?, therefore is the problem with my server opposed to my scripting.
            thanks J.
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              SymTsb Level 2
              more than likely it is with the server. If you want to simulate longer downloads, use the bandwidth profile and set your download setting lower.
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                kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                or your internet connection: the speed of communication and data transfer from your server to your local computer is more influenced by your internet connection.

                what's the tested speed (use any of several online tests) of your connection and what transfer rate do you see when loading a graphic from your website?